Don't use Pet Essentials (petstuffonline) of 46 High Street Chesham

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So many of us now order goods over the internet. It's just so easy isn't it. Last week, for example, I had cat food and a book delivered, the week before it was a new suit. So this week I ordered a scratch mat from Pet Essentials.

Instantly I received email confirmation of the order and 2 days later Pet Essentials took the money from my account. The email stated delivery of 3-5 days. Today, a week later, I called to say that the item had not been delivered.

At first I was told I should phone Royal Mail because they 'obviously' had it. Royal Mail has not told me (or Pet Essentials) that they have it. Besides, why am I - as the customer - expected to chase the order?

When I said i was not happy with this suggestion the member of staff first interrupted me, then talked over me and finally saw fit to shout. When I asked if he understood the nature of customer service I didn't receive a reply.

The employee at Pet Essentials then demonstrated his ability to read minds; he claims that the person who allegedly delivered the item didn't know where to leave it. This statement is especially curious given that (as I state above) I regularly have items delivered to the address. I even added a special delivery note to my order!

I was repeatedly told that I must wait 15 days before Pet Essentials was prepared to chase the order. When I explained that I had 2 cats tearing up my carpets I was again told that Pet Essentials was not 'obliged' to do anything for 15 days.

I realise that sometimes things don't work out. But when this happens the customer has a legal (and moral) right to expect a solution. Let alone an apology...